Williams Wonder

Willie’s Wonder

Strain Name:  Willie’s Wonder

Grade:  A

Type:  Indica-Dominant, this sample was grown from original seed stock of the legendary Super Sativa Seed Club (pre-cursor to Sensi Seeds, it was run by Neville Shoenmaker) from the 1980′s and the strain itself is thought to be a pure Afghani import from the 1970′s.

Price:  $52/8th

Appearance:  (9/10)  Very heavy trichome density is what stands out first, followed by the bold greens and the red pistils that make up this strain.  All of the trichs are very well-preserved and perfectly-timed at a cloudy state with some turning amber.  Basically perfect and living up to its genetic potential appearance-wise, this William’s Wonder is just gorgeous.  There was a tiny immature seed spotted in part of a sample, but no others were seen.

Aroma:  (9/10)  Described as “easily a Top 20 smell” by one reviewer, this strain smells like a wonderful bouquet of tropical fruits, limes, and a sharp-yet-sweet hint that reminded us of a fresh mango.  The smell is rather pungent, especially when ground and sent its lovely aroma all over the room.  Unusual for a strain of Afghani origin to have such a fruity smell, but that’s probably part of the “wonder”.

Taste: (7.5/10)  Though not quite as nice as the smell, this strain retained much of that sweet-sour fruitiness, though it was never as pungent-tasting as we’d like.  It was a bit of an expander and produced a thick smoke but was very smooth on the throat, making it a pleasurable but strong smoking experience.  The flavor seemed to degrade somewhat quickly as well, with only the first 2 hits really providing much flavor.

Effects:  Starting off with a very strong initial hit, this strain goes right to the head, with a pulsing head feeling throughout the upper region (forehead, temples, crown of head, sinuses), warm hands, and tingly feet — it was rather strong and made doing tasks a little bit difficult.  Once the potency calmed down, we were rewarded with a very relaxing total body and mind experience that retained clarity despite its overall potency.  It stayed in the eyes and sinuses for quite a long time but left the body feeling relaxed yet capable and energetic to finish out.

Duration:  Long, 2.5 – 3+ hours

Medicinal Traits:  Great body relaxation and pain relief qualities, general relaxation, mood elevation, appetite stimulation, anti-anxiety.

Overall:  This William’s Wonder provided a very unique experience for what is thought to be a nearly pure “old school” Afghani strain in the taste, smell, and effects areas.  The fruitiness was unexpected and wonderful, while the Sativa-feeling head-dominant effects also carried a great amount of pain and tension relief with them.  It’s a rare chance indeed to sample original stock from one of the most influential seedbanks/growers in cannabis history, and this William’s Wonder is widely considered the prize of the bunch.  Yet another superb growing job by Stone Mountain combined with these rare and special genetics makes this one a real winner and something that everyone interested in marijuana history should give a try.