Purple Cali Kush Trichomes

Purple Cali Kush Trichomes

Strain Name: Purple Triple Cali Kush

Background Information:  The flavor tastes intensely of diesel fuel, with a lemon/grape aftertaste. A great tasting strain with an incredible effect that results in a munchie-inducing body high.

The breeder selected their own Purple Rhino mother to be pollinated by Outlaw’s Gorilla Grape. The result is the marvelously potent strain we know today as Purple Triple Cali Kush. In some regions it has become known as Purple Pig Fucking Rhino, although not normally in dispensaries, due to marketing reasons. In dispensaries it will typically be labeled as Purple Triple Cali Kush. These buds are round, dense and have very short orange pistils, and huge trichomes that seem to completely envelope what used to be medium-green buds. This bud reeks (in a good way), whether it’s on the vine or in the bag.

In 9 to 10 weeks of flowering Purple Triple Cali Kush will produce a low to moderate yield of highly potent buds. Some phenotypes have a flowering time as brief as 8 weeks. This phenotype will be recognizable by the fact that it barely gets a purple hue – if at all – by 7 weeks. This strain does best indoors, but has proven that it can produce quality buds outdoors, if cultivated in a region with mild weather. These ladies don’t like the heat, nor do they like extreme cold. Indoors they seem to do best around the 73 to 77 degree Fahrenheit range. The breeder recommends feeding Purple Triple Cali Kush moderate amounts of nutrients. Ask around for this strain the next time you’re in a dispensary. If you like it – which you will – contact the breeder for seeds or ask if the dispensary can get clones of it. Many dispensaries will even special order clones for you, upon request.

Grade: A++

Type:  Indica Dominant

Looks:  Smaller buds..completely covered in trichomes..with orange hairs poping out here and there..these buds are a beautiful metallic green..so gorgeous.

Smell:  This was such a nice change of pace..the best way to describe this smell I would say the best dankest rotten cheese smell..its truly amazing..with slight undertones of citrus.

Taste:  This one was exactly as it smell..on the inhale it was really nice to french inhale, this made that nice smooth taste of rotten cheese linger in your nose and the citrus lingers in the mouth on the exhale..very pleasing taste.

Effects: 2-3 hours

Potency:  10/10

Good Strain For:Night time use, relaxing, appetite, pain relief, and over all a good strain for a night cap..hav munchies in reach!