Purple Snow

Purple Snow Strain

Strain Name: Purple Snow

Background Information:  Purple Snow is a hybrid that is mostly sativa. It originates from Purple Urkle x Snowcap. Color is primarily purple and green with orange and brown hairs. Strong and fruity scent, tastes earthy with a citrus-like exhale, thick smoke upon exhalation.

Strong body buzz and relaxed head buzz. Promotes relaxation but is not too heavy to use during the day, ideal for anxiety, gastrointestinal upset and appetite among other things. Comparatively long-lasting effects.

Genetics: Purple Urkle x Snowcap

Grade: A

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Looks: Dense, well-trimmed purple and green nugs with plenty of brownish-orange hairs.

Smell: A very pungent, fruity smell.

Taste: Thick cloud on the exhale with a light musky, earthy-like undertone. After-taste is little bit more citrusy as if the aroma of this flower is it’s true flavor.

Effects: A potent body high with a cloudy head high. Relaxing and a definite couch-lock once you found yourself a nice comfortable zone to cruise-control.

Potency: Long; depending on consumption*

Good Strain For: Definitely the one of the best flowers for daytime use or right before going out to lunch; Stomach pain, anxiety, & appetite stimulant.