Purple Monkey Balls Bud

Purple Monkey Balls Marijuana Strain

Strain Name: Purple Monkey Balls

Genetics: Grand Daddy Purp x Deep Chunk

Grade: A+

Type: Indica (90%)/Sativa (10%)

Looks: Like Grand Daddy but smells different.

Smell: A bearded wizard’s mountaintop tropical starburst factory.

Taste: Grape taste.  Delicious!

Effects: Mellow, happy, comfy and blazed.

Potency: +18% THC

Good Strain For: Pain relief, chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis, insomnia, anxiety.  Great for relaxing on a nice sunny day.  Also great for pre-gaming before a Wiz Khalifa concert.

Background Information:  Purple Monkey Balls looks just like it’s GDP mother, but smells more like it’s Deep Chunk father, with a dank hash-like aroma and similar flavor. The flavor has a slight aftertaste of grapes and is a seriouscough-inducer. The buds are fairly small and round, but have incredible density and trichome production. They also have streaks of purple once you break them apart.

To maximize your yield when growing Purple Monkey Balls, it’s best to let these ladies vegetate at least 6 weeks. Otherwise you will get a yield that is around 1/2 oz. per plant indoors. Even so, the quality will certainly be there, it’s just that PMB is somewhat lacking in yield quantity. For best flavor give them a solid 4 to 6-week cure after harvesting. Once they’re cured, you should be ready to pack that vaporizer and get totally baked! Look for eighths of this bud to go for around $55 in most California dispensaries.