Head-Cheese Hybrid Bud

Strain Name:  Head Cheese

Background Information:  Head Cheese have chunky, thick buds that are kind of wide and squash like. It has an amazing smell of lemon and pine. Head Cheese surprisingly doesn’t have a cheese taste, but rather a moderately smooth pine-y taste.  This strain has a very high potency level, it relaxes the entire body, but stimulates your mind. You feel creative and somewhat alert but your body is completely relaxed. Head Cheese will help relieve anorexia and help increase appetite, anxiety, muscle relaxation, pain, and headaches.

Grade: A+

Type: Sativa dominant, Headband X Cheese Hybrid

Looks: Very dense, chunky nugs. Pale green with orange hairs. Shaped almost like a brain.

Smell: Pine and lemon, very refreshing

Taste: More on the earthy side than the fruity side. Mildly piney with a smooth aftertaste.

Effects: Clean, yet paralyzed high. Extremely potent, feel the effects almost immediately. Somewhat creative and alert, yet with a full body relaxation. Good conversation weed.

Potency: so high. 9/10

Good Strain For: increasing appetite, anxiety, muscle relaxation, general pain relief, headaches