Endless Sky Marijuana

Endless Sky Marijuana Strain

Strain Name: Endless Sky

Grade: A

Genetics:  Grenadine x Iranian indica strain

Type: Indica – 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

Looks: Incredibly hairy. I can barely see the green part. The entire bud is just covered in nice peachy tan colored pistils.

Smell: Dank and earthy, with slightly sweet undertones. Definitely has some skunkiness in there as well.

Taste: There is a definite initial flavor of sweet lemons, almost no sour involved just a very intense lemon flavor. After the exhale, there is a relatively strong aftertaste of fresh cut/ground greens.

Effects: My mind has a very detached feeling from the rest of my body. This tends to be common in buds that help with bodily pain, and that trend seems to continue with this strain. My mind is a bit confused which, in turn, slows down bodily reaction times. The buzz is very even and mellow, but extremely strong.

Potency: Effects lasted 3+ Hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Strain Used For:  Chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, cancer, anorexia, arthritis.  This one is great for stomach pain and nausea. Be aware though, like most other indicas, it has a pretty sedative note to it. This makes it good for aiding sleep.

Background Information:  Endless Sky has absolutely enormous buds that are infested with gooey trichromes and short, pink orange hairs. The buds are so dense that a gram is about the size of a nickel. Dr. Greenthumb truly displayed their horticulture abilities when they elegantly crossed a mysterious Iranian indica with the Grenadine strain.

When grown outdoors, the breeder recommends a cooler, more mountainous region, such as British Columbia. Indoors, she flourishes best in a hydroponics setup, but can also be easily cultivated in soil by growers of all skill types and is also a good candidate for the Sea of Green method of growing, due to her short stature and moderate side-branching. In an ideal environment with a skilled grower, using a SoG setup, Endless Sky has been known to produce up to 3 pounds per square yard. She responds well to topping, but tends to grow as a single-cola plant.

Many patients who suffer from back pain, arthritis, chemotherapy and insomnia choose to medicate with Endless Sky due to the highly alleviating medicinal qualities it has to offer. Look for eighths of this indica bud to go for between $50 and $55.