Big Bud

Big Bud Marijuana Strain

Strain Name: Big Bud

Grade: A-

Type: Hybrid – Indica Dominant

Looks: Very big, light green, fairly frosty buds, with very fine light orange frosted hairs.

Smell: This bud is really dank smelling, almost musty; it also has some sweet undertones, and occasionally a bit of sour wafts by.

Taste: Sweet with a strong flavor of grapes.

Effects: Fairly mellow onset, not a very strong buzz with regards to ‘feeling it hit you.’ It does, though, seem to be an effective bud. The up-side of this bud, is that it alleviates my symptoms considerably. The down-side is that the high is a bit forgetful and distracted. While this is only a bit couch-lock-ish, I don’t know if I would use this as a daytime smoke, due to the mental state of the high. Tactile sensations do seem to be increased.

Potency: Effects lasted 1.5 – 2 hours

From: Patient’s Choice of Colorado

Good Strain For: This was a fairly well rounded buzz medically. It helps considerably with my stomach pains and nausea; and if smoked it makes for a pretty good sedative at night as well.

Background Information:  Big Bud is a classic favorite, and with good reason. This plant has traits that so many marijuana growers and enthusiasts are after: prodigious growth and a desirable high. Already a part of the Seed Bank breeding program in the 1980s, Big Bud was first sold as a hybrid with Skunk #1 from the Sacred Seed Company. This is the version that claimed 1989 win in the mostly indica category at the Cannabis Cup. In the 1990s, Sensi Seeds and Seed Bank merged and new attention was given to this hybrid. Another sweet, high-yielding, heavy indica line was crossed into the original hybrid, making this pant-type sweeter and more delicious to connoisseurs. With the new burst of flavor, the strain became interesting for more than just its heavy yields, which resulted in a fully unexpected prize for Big Bud in the 1996 Cannabis Club.

As the name suggests, this variety is a producer: it is a good idea to tie up bottom branches because they make break because of the weight. A large internode ratio means that this variety requires minimal pruning to get maximum light to the flowers and makes an easy job of manicuring at harvest. Big Bud is fairly short with a traditional indica leaf structure, but unlike the stereotypical indica, can become tall and lanky if not properly tended. As with a typical indica/sativa hybrid, Big Bud may triple in size from the time the light cycle is changed. Big Bud also finishes in as few as 50 days with an impressive yield. The high is mellow with a sweet and spicy flavor, a long duration and a more indica body stone.

This variety is suitable for a sea of green method or for a garden of bigger plants. While relatively flexible, Big Bud has shown some sensitivity to the typical marijuana insects and pests. Best results occur in the indoor environment, where variables re more easily controlled. Hydro gives the best yields, but Big Bud can also thrive in soil, especially in the right outdoor conditions (not the case with the Netherlands weather). She can be expected to give the grower some beautiful flowers as long as they keep a tidy garden.